Roof windows

Add daylight, fresh air and a feeling of more space to your home with VELUX roof windows for sloping roofs.

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What are roof windows or skylights?

Roof windows are also known as skylights. They are suited to both pitched and flat roofs, and they let an abundance of light into your home or building. They help you ventilate your rooms, and they can be operated manually, electrically, or solar-powered.

Transform your rooms into open, sunlit spaces

Installing a roof window is like stepping into a new world. Your space is bathed in natural light, the air is fresh, and your living area becomes enchantingly different. No more artificial lighting: sunlight fills the room, casting warm, inviting glows. Soft rays play on your floors and walls, adding depth.

It's more than light; it's a newfound connection to the outdoors. A gentle breeze refreshes with natural ventilation and replaces stagnant air. It's like opening a window to nature’s soothing sounds and ambience.

This transformation is a testament to the roof window's power. It's more than a fixture; it's a gateway to a fresher, more inviting environment. You'll want to spend more time here. Welcome to your transformed living space.

So are roof windows a good idea?

Needless to say, a roof window is without a shred of doubt a very good idea. If you’re looking to explore the many possibilities of skylights, you’ve come to the right place.

A VELUX roof window is often considered the roof original. Not only because we've been providing high quality roof windows and skylights for 80 years as a window manufacturer, but also because of the excellent features of our products that give you the ideal combination of light, air and view.

Suitable for new homes, retrofitting and modernising

Roof windows are suitable for every purpose regardless of whether you are building a new house, converting your loft, or extending your living space, you will always find the right solution with VELUX.

We’re not saying the sky is the limit for your home design, but you can certainly bring a large piece of the sky into your home with one of our many different roof window types.

We bring you the best of experience, knowledge, innovation, and proven product quality. Browse our pages to familiarise yourself with our prices and check out our many products.

Which types of VELUX roof windows can you buy?

We offer a large range of products, from single roof windows to large multiple roof window solutions.

Maybe you’re considering a skylight or a dome, or perhaps you are thinking about flat roof windows.

Whether you're looking for sun tunnels for corridors and other spaces with limited access to daylight, Conservation roof windows for a conservation area or listed building, or a bespoke daylight solution, VELUX has a solution for you.

We understand that the abundance of choices can be overwhelming. If you're unsure about which option to choose, rest assured that our dedicated Design Advisors are here to assist you in everything from product selection and placement to advice on technicalities like glazing. 

Different sizes and frames

VELUX roof windows are available in various sizes ranging from our smallest standard version of 47 cm wide and 98 cm tall and to large modular skylights.

All our products are made to let in as much daylight as possible, and the frames are available in white painted pine or maintenance-free polyurethane with different qualities and advantages.

You decide how to operate your roof windows

There are four main types of roof windows: Fixed, manual, electric and solar, all of which refer to the way the roof window is operated.

Our solar and electric roof windows are the ideal solution for ultimate comfort in your home.

They come with a wall switch that makes it easy to open and close the windows, as well as an integrated rain sensor that automatically closes the roof window when it starts to rain.

Our solar roof windows have the added benefit of being fuelled by the natural energy of the sun and therefore costing you no extra electricity.

Our fixed windows are ideal for places where ventilation isn’t required but you don’t want to compromise on daylight.

If you plan to add a roof window that is easily within your reach, you can opt for a manual opening.

Complete your roof window solution with blinds and shutters

When you’ve found your ideal roof window, don’t forget to explore all our different ways to control daylight and shade your roof windows. We carry a large number of original VELUX blinds and shutters in many different styles, materials and colours, and there’s sure to be one to match your interior design.