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Anti-heat blackout shutter

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The VELUX anti-heat blackout shutter protects your room all year round. It's suitable for all climates, keeping your room cool in the summer and warm in the winter whilst blocking out any incoming light. The durable, maintenance-free aluminium design can withstand the most challenging weather conditions and protect your window against break-ins and noise from rain and hail.
  • Best heat protection
  • Blocks out light completely

Hard shield exterior for complete protection

VELUX roller shutters are built to last. They are made of hard-wearing lacquered aluminum and are rigorously tested in the most extreme conditions to ensure complete weather resistance and years of smooth operation. The sleek top casing hides the shutter when it's not in use and it fits perfectly on the roof. The shutter runs inside rails to ensure smooth operation and stability. It is totally invisible from inside your room when it's not in use to let in light.

Select your level of comfort - up to full automation

Control your VELUX anti-heat blackout shutter from anywhere in the room with the ready-to-use wall switch. You can upgrade your electric or solar powered shutter with VELUX Touch, VELUX App Control or VELUX ACTIVE for even more convenience.

Select VELUX solar powered shutters for your manual or solar powered VELUX roof windows. Installation is easy with no cables.

Select VELUX electrically operated shutters for your electrically operated VELUX roof windows. Connects directly to your electric window.

if you have a manually operated VELUX roof window  you will need a KUX 110 control system (not required for VELUX electric roof windows as the control system is already installed)

How to install your new VELUX Anti-heat blackout shutter

The shutters can be installed from inside the room (for roof windows from 78 cm wide). The solar powered shutters require no electrical connection so you don't have to run any cables. It can be done in less than an hour if the VELUX roof window is accessible and under optimal installation conditions. It will not affect your interior design. Electrically operated shutters connect directly to your mains electrically operated VELUX roof windows. If you install them on a manual roof window connect to a power supply unit (KUX 110)

Combine products for increased comfort

VELUX App - Quick action - airing out
VELUX ACTIVE is a smart home solution that monitors temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, and ventilates the room to keep your indoor climate nice and healthy.
Translucent roller blinds
The VELUX translucent roller blind gives you privacy while still letting in natural light in rooms where you don't need total blackout.
Insect screen
Enjoy the fresh air without unwanted visitors. Perfect for kitchens and bedrooms.
Translucent pleated blinds
The VELUX translucent pleated blind offers flexible lighting bathing your room in soft, pleasant light while still protecting your privacy.

Frequently asked questions about anti-heat blackout shutters

Can an old roof window be retrofitted with VELUX Anti-heat blackout shutters?
Yes, you can retrofit the VELUX Anti-heat blackout shutters to your roof window. The Anti-heat blackout shutters can be installed from the inside. They ensure optimal heat protection, ideal roof window darkening in the room, roof window thermal insulation and general all-round roof window protection.
Can anti-heat blackout shutters be controlled electrically?
Yes, you can operate them with just the push of a button. Plus, it's hassle-free to retrofit the solar-powered version since it doesn't require any cables. Perfect for manual roof windows.
How can anti-heat blackout shutters on roof windows be controlled?
You can control the VELUX Anti-heat blackout shutters either electrically or with solar. Roof windows with solar-powered anti-heat blackout shutters have integrated solar cells so that you can easily operate them using a pre-paired wall switch.
How do you install anti-heat backout blinds on the roof window?
The type of installation depends on the window type. For peace of mind, opt for a VELUX-certified installer to assist with your installation needs. Our certified professionals offer personalized guidance to help you select the ideal solution, coordinate delivery logistics, and oversee the installation process. Reach out to our certified installers for tailored advice and a complimentary quote.
Can VELUX Anti-heat blackout shutters be combined with other products?
VELUX Anti-heat blackout shutters can be easily paired with interior blinds for your roof window from the inside. This allows you to control the amount of light entering your space and enhance your home with decorative accents. Additionally, you have the option to include insect screens to keep bugs out of your house.

Accessory configurator

Anti-heat black out blinds and shutters
Configure the ideal heat protection for your roof windows and request a quote directly from a VELUX Certified Installer.
Explore your options and purchase online

From manual to fully automated

Tailor-made for VELUX roof windows

Quick and easy installation

3 to 5-year guarantee

Find an installer for your project

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Full quotation including installation costs

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Sustainability is the way we do business

The VELUX Sustainability Strategy 2030 is a 10-year transformational journey in which we pioneer climate and nature action, innovate sustainable products and secure a responsible business. Why? Because the world needs it and it is who we are. It’s simply the right thing to do and it’s our nature!
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