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VELUX has a long history of transforming indoor spaces with natural light and fresh air. With rising energy costs, it's more important than ever to improve energy efficiency in our homes. Roof windows are an effective solution that can help save energy on heating, cooling, and lighting. Our guides, articles, and case studies can help you to create an energy-conscious home that is beautiful, comfortable, and efficient. And the best part? We're here to support you every step of the way!
How we can help make your home more energy efficient
  • Twice the natural light
    Roof windows are low-energy light sources, twice as effective as façade windows, and can reduce the need for artificial lighting by up to 20% in homes and 60% in office buildings.
  • Four times the ventilation
    Natural ventilation using roof windows is far more energy efficient than air conditioning, and up to four times more effective than using façade windows alone.
  • Three times the insulation
    New roof windows can have up to three times better thermal performance than old ones (that are ten years older or more), which can translate to significant energy savings.

80+ years of creating optimal indoor climates

Cut Your Bills Today

It has never been so important to make your home as energy-efficient as possible. Our free energy-saving guide is full of advice on how to make your home more efficient - from the 'quick wins' to the longer term solutions.

Replacing your old roof window

A lot of innovation and technology has been applied to our products over the years! Modern VELUX roof windows have up to three times the thermal performance of old ones. They have also been designed with slimmer profiles meaning you get even more daylight when replacing an old roof window of the same size – it’s a win-win!

Replacing your old roof windows can be done very quickly – in fact, the majority of replacements can be done in under four hours. Book in a call with one of our team and we’ll take you through what is involved – and give you an obligation-free quote. We can even team you up with one of our VELUX Certified Installers!

Insulate your windows (and your home) even more!

The VELUX blackout energy pleated blind offers a decorative solution for blackout and insulation. The double pleated cloth has a built-in aluminium honey comb structure that improves insulation for increased comfort.

The "flying" design of the manually operated version lets you adjust the blind either from the top or the bottom of your VELUX roof window. It's easy to install and available in a wide range of colours and styles to complement the decor of any room.

We love the space that we’ve created for our family, and it’s become one of our favourite rooms in the house. It is great to know that we’ve added value to the house and that’s given us extra peace of mind.


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